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Aggri-Liver 3 Month Combo At Just Rs 2999 | 180 Tablets


  • Powerful 1000 mg tablet
  • Best liver health rejuvenation tablets
  • Made with 19 herbal ingredients
  • Rejuvenate liver health naturally
  • 180 tablets for 3 months
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Best 3 month combo of Aggri-Liver liver health rejuvenation tablets made with 19 herbal ingredients to boost liver health without any side effects. Premium ingredients used in these tablets are:-

  • Bhui Amla extract
  • Kutaki extract
  • Aloevera extract
  • Bhangara extract
  • Chirayta extract
  • Mulethi extract
  • Sarphonkha extract
  • Reven Chini extract
  • Kasamarda extract
  • Makoy extract
  • Kaasni extract
  • Punarnava Extract
  • Patola Extract
  • Pitpapra Extract
  • Adusa Extract
  • Chabh Extract
  • Bindaal Extract
  • Karira Extract
  • Ginger Extract

All these 19 herbal ingredients are done in right dose in each tablet. Aggri-Liver tablets can be taken by people of all ages to rejuvenate liver health naturally so what’re you waiting for?

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